Beautiful Unique is an app that maps uniqueness, it is about a frame called Stellar.

Core value

Whether as individuals or organisations we all have the capability of bringing unique value into the world. The Stellar frame enables you to clearly identify the core value that you uniquely create, and to design the right plans and strategies that you will need to grow into your peak performance, and to create that value sustainably and profitably.

Twelve core capabilities

Stellar identifies the twelve core capabilities by which you create unique value.  These twelve capabilities are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive – no other capabilities exist outside of these twelve.  When identified at very best they articulate your or your organisation’s optimal unique identity, and they are always beautiful.  Understanding your identity enables you to optimise growth within your most potent capabilities.

Optimising your uniqueness

The more you live and grow within your unique capabilities, the greater your creation of value in the world.  Stellar is about optimising your uniqueness – understanding it, aligning it, creating with it and growing it. It is about supporting you to your peak performance.

BU desktop app and smartphone apps

The Beautiful Unique desktop app that you can download on this page enables you to compile your own (or your organisation’s) Stellar on-line, as do the smartphone apps.  All of the apps offer extensive resources to help you to compile your Stellar.  These resources are also available free of charge at ( – it is worth reading about Stellar before using the app.

Colleague or consultant

Compiling a Stellar is challenging. It is enjoyable to do it together with friends or colleagues, or even better with an experienced coach or consultant.  Team Viewer enables more than one person to share in the Stellar compilation

Team Viewer enables more than one person to share in the Stellar compilation

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